Seven Spice Chili Oil

Seven Spice Chili OilSeven Spice Chili Oil

is unmatched in its ability to complement a countless cuisines. And unlike most hot sauces and chili pastes with flavours that dominate the dish they are added to, our chili oil complements the original flavours of your favourite dish, allowing you to refresh, refine or even rediscover something you already love. Great as a dip, spice or base, what recipe do you dare to kick up a notch?

Bring the fun back into cooking with a versatile, spicy and flavourful garlic chilli oil that’s guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. This secret Canadian-family recipe offers the perfect mix of spices and oil with every satisfying spoonful. Whether you prefer a lot of a little, there’s no denying its unique ability to bring a wonderful flavour to your cooking!

Made in Calgary, available in Hot and Mild.
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