McKenzie’s Country Farm Honey

McKenzie's Iced HoneyMcKenzie’s Country Farm Honey is produced in the town of Three Hills, Alberta, located an hour northeast of Calgary. Named for the three rolling foothills to the town’s north, Three Hills sits between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the Canadian Prairies.

Our honey is a product of both the beautiful and natural environment where it’s cultivated, and the caring and conscientious Three Hills workers. However, at the foundation of our quality honey are the bees who roam the Albertan wildflowers to produce it.

We respect their determined production by keeping our honey as natural as possible.

All of our products use 100% pure Canadian honey, part of our commitment to integrity.

We know you will appreciate our honey products for what they are: the only truly natural sweeteners. Regardless of how you choose to use any of our honeys, the natural sweetness will allow you to get the taste you want, while also leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

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