Iceberg Coolers

Iceberg CoolersKeep your food and drink cold with Icebergs! One of a kind reusable Cooler Inserts & Bags. Fantastic for sporting events, fishing, construction sites, hunting, golfing, boating, picnics,school and office lunches, etc. No more warm soggy sandwiches or wasted food.

Iceberg Inserts Inc., is located and operates in Alberta, Canada.
produces environmentally friendly re-freezable gel inserts for lunches and beverages along with insulated thermal bags.

The Iceberg Inserts

  • Durable BPA Free Casing – (HD/COPP/Polypropylene)
  • Made of non-toxic, temperature resistant, high quality materials.
  • All Inserts are made to the highest standards and regulations.

Refrigerant Gel
Our gel Inserts are superior to regular ice pack products and standard ice cubes. Icebergs keep cold; virtually eliminating food contamination and spoilage. Standard ice cubes turn to a liquid and mix with the food content, thus making your risk of contamination high. Icebergs gel is made of a food grade, non-toxic material.

Re-freeze Inserts
Freeze your Insert overnight or longer for up to 24 hours of constant cooling.


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