Bübi Bottles

Bubi BottleWe continuously push innovation by making our drink bottle collapsible and flexible because we wanted to create a water bottle made for everyone and anyone. Bubi is made from BPA Free Silicone and with multiple uses created for almost any adventure. Unlike steel bottles, Bubi is portable, easy to store, durable and also puncture-resistant!

We want to make your life less stressful and more hydrated, while also keeping our planet alive. Rather than purchasing plastic bottles, help contribute to saving our planet and using less plastic with Bubi Bottle. Most of all, our best reusable water bottle company strives to make on-the-go hydration simple, but also convenient. Finally, we guarantee you’ve never seen a drink bottle like this one!


• Microwave* and dishwasher safe
• Mold-resistant
• BPA & Microbial free so it’s safe for kids!
• Silicone and reusable material
• Lightweight and portable
• Foldable to almost pocket-sized
• Flip inside out for a better clean
• Carabiner included for portability
• Built-in retainer so no more leaks or spills
• Puncture resistant unlike steel bottles
• Insulated for hot/cold temperatures
• Freezer safe
• Heat resistant so you can boil water while outdoors
• Tested to meet EU, Asia, and FDA standards
• Sports cap also available for easy sipping

*First remove carabiner before microwaving

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Bubi Bottles