Brassica Gourmet Mustard

Brassica MustardBrassica Mustard

got its start in 1995 when founders Karen Davis and Desmond Johnston were looking to make Christmas gifts for family and friends. In 2001, after some time off to start a family, Karen and Desmond made a more concerted effort at a business venture; they committed themselves to using the highest quality Alberta grown mustard seed and local honey, and created two original mustard flavours: Brassica Roasted Garlic and Cranberry Honey. Their Horseradish and Dill mustard soon followed.

Brassica Mustard’s first widespread exposure was at one of the many Christmas craft sales that year. Karen and Desmond saw the market possibilities and invested in packaging to give the product a professional and polished look.

With much-valued help from friends, family, and the food industry, as well as tremendous exposure from the Calgary media, Brassica Mustard has become a respected brand. It is a quality Alberta food product that enjoys tremendous popularity among “foodies” and professionals in the culinary world.

In 2011, to celebrate Brassica Mustard’s 10th anniversary, co-founder and chef Desmond Johnston created two new mustard flavours: Black Pepper and a Whole Grain mustard made in a traditional European style.

Brassica is able to supply the market for gourmet mustard with six popular flavours of mustard in sizes to suit the commercial chef and the occasional home cook.

Chef Desmond Johnston

A culinary instructor at SAIT and professional chef with twenty years’ experience, Brassica’s co-founder Chef Desmond Johnston has worked throughout western Canada developing his skills, honing his creativity and serving up tasty food to discerning eaters. Regionally-inspired cuisine with international flair dominates Desmond’s menus today, where he showcases his talents with simple, uncontrived foods and natural flavours.

Desmond got his start way back in 1994 as a member of the SAIT’s culinary team. They traveled to The Singapore Culinary Salon that year, where the students won Best Apprentice Team and Desmond won Most Outstanding Apprentice.

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