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A Little Taste of Country - Proud to be here in Calgary

Started in 2009 by Richard and Betty Anne, our range of fine quality products and passion for sharing information, recipes and stories allowed us to grow and begin visiting new markets while also attracting many amazing new Canadian products. Our Calgary locations are open year-round, on top of the many shows that we attend throughout the year.  




Staff Stories:

Randy - A Little Taste of CountryEverybody knows Randy! He’s usually at our Granary Road location, at one of our shows or organizing at the warehouse (he is literally everywhere)! Born in Quebec, Randy came to Calgary in 2011 and joined up with us that same year. When he’s not hard at work, Randy enjoys fishing, gardening and coin collecting. One of his favourite dishes is to use our Beary Berry Honey Chipotle Honey Glaze on ribs, or a hearty bowl of Mitchell’s Country Chicken Chowder.


Tara was born in Calgary but grew up in the Southern United States, spending a lot of her time in Bakersfield, California. Tara is our very own Chef par Excellence, and can be found at both of our Markets and at shows. Tara enjoys skiing, hockey, riding and repairing bikes. As a Qualified Chef, she has prepared many, many recipes using our products and loves them all! Cool fact: Tara won 2nd place in the Internation Seafood Competition in Nova Scotia.



Holding down Crossroads Market for us is Sharon! Born in Toronto, she grew up in Burlington, Ontario before moving to Calgary. Working with us at Crossroads fits right in with one of her hobbies – browsing farmer’s markets! Sharon also enjoys riding, skiing and cooking. She’s a big fan of all of our Mitchell’s Soups, and also loves a great roasted chicken with all the trimmings.



Crystal has been one of our biggest fans for a number of years, and finally joined our head office to help behind the scenes in 2017. Originally born in Newfoundland, Crystal grew up in Calgary and is proud to call it home. Her hobbies include working out, nutrition, hiking and spending time with her family. Crystal lists a few of her favourites as our Iced Honey, Mitchell’s Apple Cranberry Crumble and the Farmer John’s Savoury products to make her feel like she’s back in Newfoundland.


A born and raised Calgarian, Betty-Anne is one of a kind. She’s usually at our head office with Richard, and when she’s not, she very much enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with Odin. Betty-Anne has tried and experimented with most of our products as part of the approval process to accept them into our system and we continue to use them every day.



Richard was also born and bred in Calgary. Alongside Betty-Anne, he is one of our founding partners and is predominantly at our head office. His hobbies include reading, spending time with Odin, and has a passion for flying. Richard has tried and experimented with most of our products as part of the approval process to accept them into our system and we continue to use them every day.  



This is Odin. He spends his time at our office and is a Very Good Boy indeed.





(Coming soon – the camera shy Justin!)