Richard’s Apple Cinnamon Honey Pork Chop Recipe

Richard’s Apple Cinnamon Honey Pork Chop Recipe

While a Barbeque is my preferred tool for the Pork Chops in this recipe, you can also fry or bake to suit your own tastes or needs.

Barbeque, Electric or Regular Coated Fry Pan, Medium Mixing Bowl, Measuring Spoons, Mixing Spoon.
Two People for preparation is better as one can Barbeque the Pork Chops while the other prepares the Vegetable base in the Fry Pan


  • Fresh or Bottled Roasted Garlic (use to taste)
  • Basil Flakes (use to taste)
  • Two Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • One to Two Cups of White Wine
  • One tablespoon of Beary Berry Cinnamon Honey per Pork Chop
  • One Granny Smith Apple per Pork Chop
  • One Thick Cut Pork Chop per Serving (¾ to 1 inch thick boneless is preferred)
  • One large Zucchini (or two smaller ones for better flavour)
  • One medium to large White or Yellow Onion
  • One large Carrot per Serving
  • Four medium to large Fresh Mushrooms per Serving


  • Wash all the vegetables prior to preparation
  • Barbeque the Pork Chops over a medium heat turning over every few minutes until cooked just past medium towards well done (or to your own taste)
  • While the Pork Chops are cooking, thick slice cut the Zucchini, carrots and the mushrooms; the onions can be chopped into large or medium size pieces
  • CREATE THE SAUCE by using the mixing bowl, mix one tablespoon Olive Oil, one teaspoon Basil, 3 to 4 cloves of fresh ground or two tablespoons of Roasted Garlic and one to two cups of White Wine (start with one cup and add later in the fry pan to maintain moisture levels)
  • Thinly coat the Fry pan with Olive Oil and preheat to 275 degrees
  • Place the Zucchini together in the pan with the other vegetables on top.
  • Cover the vegetables with the sauce
  • Cook in a covered fry pan over medium heat (no higher than 350 degrees) until the zucchini becomes translucent.
  • At the same time peel, core and shred the apples into individual piles (one apple per pork chop just prior to use)
  • Place the cooked pork chops over the vegetables; making sure there is a reasonable amount of wine in the fry pan (for moisture)
  • Place one mound of shredded apple on each pork chop
  • Place one Heaping Tablespoon of Beary Berry Cinnamon Honey on top of the Shredded Apple
  • Cover the fry pan and simmer over very low heat for 5 to 10 minutes
  • This dish can be served with your choice of rice or potatoes and other vegetables.

We also recommend Barbequed Asparagus marinated in Olive Oil with Sea Salt as a wonderful addition to this meal. Barbeque until candied and slightly blackened, (also makes a wonderful appetizer).

Oh; You can also do this with Chicken or Fish, e.g. Halibut and different Honey if you feel adventurous. ENJOY!!!